Australia, UK, Malaysia, Singapore & USA

Optergy is a technology company dedicated to enabling smart spaces that improve wellbeing, engagement, productivity and control through:

  • Simple yet powerful tools that improve facility management resulting in improved building efficiency, performance and processes.
  • Providing key stakeholders with the information and reporting to facilitate informed strategic decisions.
  • Innovative technology that creates intelligent automated buildings that are more cost-effective, operationally efficient and manageable for their owners while providing a more productive and safer environment for its occupants.
  • Web-based software platform that is a real-time scalable solution.

From the smallest building to the largest enterprise, leads the way in unifying systems to a single platform. Combining these systems improves the way our clients go about their business. This can be as simple as having a single interface to view their sub-systems, or monitoring progress against budget. This ease of use in conjunction with automated processes such as real-time demand response and automated billing will dramatically affect your building management.

The software is continually developing to include more features and functionality for an ever-evolving market.

Optergy has reseller partners in Australasia, North America, Asia and Europe, and this number is rapidly growing.