WE WILL help your SPACES achieve their full potential.

The Smart Spaces Solutions Experts – Providing the people, tools and expertise to help your business grow.

Capability Statement

The Oberix Group, through our global brands, is one of the industry leading providers of Smart Spaces Solutions, creating buildings that are effective, businesses that are more efficient, and employees that are more engaged throughout the world. 
We consult with Building Owners, Architects, Workplace Strategy Consultants and Anchor Tenants in our quest to uncover problems affecting their business, and to devise the optimal solutions that will deliver a definable and engaged business.

Building excellence has always been at the core of our business, with a focus on increased efficiency, high performance and sustainable practices. Founded in 1992 as a building technology provider, Oberix has steadily developed to include a globally compelling solutions suite. Now comprised of a number of key business divisions, each with their own specialities, each business unit can be drawn upon to offer the complete smart building solution. Through our specialist business divisions, Alerton Australia / Leading Edge Automation, Operational Intelligence, Conservia, Optergy and Abakus Analytics, we are uniquely positioned to consult, deliver and support smart spaces of companies and corporations across the globe to enable them to always perform at their peak. We are able to serve all clients in achieving integrated smart spaces outcomes that solve problems and meet or exceed requirements.

Our smart spaces solutions deliver the most operationally efficient and high performing facilities for all, namely owners, managers, occupants & visitors. These solutions have been successfully deployed and maintained across 2800 sites globally, empowering businesses to achieve outstanding business results through exceptional savings and increased efficiency. Our commitment to efficiency and innovation makes it easy for building owners, managers and operators to start small, and scale quickly as needed. The Oberix Group offers consistent quality and accelerated consulting enabling you to control all the elements of your smart spaces project.

While our offerings encompass a broad and integrated spectrum of smart spaces solutions, we continue to expand the quality of our solutions on which our experts draw upon to devise the best suited solution to your building or space. This continual development is a vital component when creating our specialised solutions which increases operational efficiency, occupancy productivity and ultimately ROI for businesses.

The Oberix Group Model

We achieve our mission by:

  • Understanding client needs, meeting and exceeding their expectations
  • Generating strong, direct, working relationships with our clients across all market types including commercial, healthcare, retail, higher education and industrial facilities
  • Professionally managing and delivering systems that work on time, every time
  • Providing excellent support and service catering for each and every client’s individual needs
  • Providing our clients with the most advanced software, technologies and solutions to manage building performance and energy efficiency
  • Commitment to continuous development of our solutions


Research and Development

Oberix group is committed to innovation and leadership in smart buildings and smart spaces. We are masters of delivering high risk innovative projects which are pushing the boundaries of understanding of smart buildings, smart cities and smart spaces. To support this innovation we have three R&D centres including one international centre and two in Australia.