Smart Buildings:

Creating smart workplaces, buildings and cities.

Efficient workplace management requires automated and seamless flow of information from the system to system with coordinated execution and streamlined workflow between applications, employees, and external entities. Monitor your systems and processes in real-time, detecting and analysing inefficiencies, opportunities and threats to empower you to make better proactive decisions. Using intelligent monitoring and control of building systems and maximising facility space, you can make your buildings more efficient for yourself and your occupants.

Key benefits of our solutions include:

  • Improved operational efficiencies and productivity
  • Effective capital management to reduce CAPEX AND OPEX
  • Predictive maintenance and workflow integration
  • Automated fault detection and diagnosis
  • Optimal utilisation of building, space and equipment
  • Increased visibility to monitor and manage
  • Improved safety to reduce risk


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Operational Intelligence deliver solutions that provide entire building system integration, operational systems integration, business process mapping, information management, advanced analytics and 3D visualisations to improve operations for a wide variety of results. This is done through a software platform that brings together the management of smart buildings and the workplace.

We use innovative technologies to create intelligent automated buildings that are more cost effective, operationally efficient and manageable for their owners, and which provide a more productive and safer environment for the occupants.



Australia  |  US  |  Malaysia  |  UK  |  Pakistan

Optergy is a Smart Buildings products business dedicated to providing building owners and operators tools to help manage comfortable, healthy spaces, along with energy efficiency and operational costs simultaneously. Optergy software utilises industry standard BACnet and Modbus, and unlike others has all engineering tools for programming and graphics built in. There is no licence, software maintenance or ongoing fees, only a once-off initial purchase fee.

Optergy partner with local contracting businesses to deliver our products as part of a turn key Smart Building Solution to building owners and operators.





Abakus Analytics provides an alternative business performance measurement through sophisticated people counting software. The software improves operating efficiency through reliable accurate measuring of visitor traffic for many markets, including retail, educational, public facilities and commercial property.