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Smart Building Technology and Solutions

Capabilities Overview

The Oberix Group was formed through a devotion to continuous learning, reinvention and adaption. Our technology and solutions now help the world’s largest and fastest growing companies at every step of the building process to truly optimise the complete Building Experience.

Each of our business divisions have their own specialisation with their own expert capabilities. However they are all united with the desire to realise our customers’ needs and stay ahead in technology, project planning, implementation and service and delivery of outcomes.

These businesses are Alerton Australia / Leading Edge AutomationOperational Intelligence, ConserviaOptergy &  Abakus Analytics.


Alerton Australia/
Leading Edge Automation

Building Efficiency Solutions

  • Building Automation
  • Energy Solutions
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Process Automation

Visit www.leading-edge-automation.com


Operational Intelligence

Smart Spaces Specialists 

  • Open Integration Platform Solutions
  • Automated Business Process Management
  • Complex Cross System Workflow
  • User Journey Enhancement Solutions
  • Space Optimisation Solutions
  • Assets, Work Order, Visitor, Contractor and Document Management Solutions

Visit www.operationalintelligence.com.au


Energy Efficiency Experts

  • Energy Advisory
  • Energy Auditing
  • Energy Strategy
  • Energy Procurement
  • Energy Performance Contracting

Visit www.conservia.com


Smart Building Monitoring and Control

  • Integration of SCADA and BMS
  • Automated Energy Management
  • Facility Performance
  • People Management
  • Data, diagnostics and analytics

Visit www.optergy.com

Abakus Analytics

Precision People Counting

  • People Counting & Visitor Flow
  • Space Utilisation
  • Retail Performance
  • Sales and Marketing Optimisation
  • Strategic Planning

Visit www.abakusanalytics.com